Seong Ae Kim is a Korean-born composer based in New York City. She has received commissions from internationally acclaimed ensembles and soloists such as Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Amanda Gookin, Forward Music Project, Parhelion Trio, Ensemble Mise-en, Iktus Percussion+, Ensemble Pan, Dinner party ensemble, Multicultural Sonic Evolution, Josh Perry, Vasko Dukovsky, Kelley Barnett, Jessica Kunttu, and Enmoo Heo among others.

Her works were presented at June in Buffalo, Composer’s conference, Women Composers Festival of Hartford, International double reed society, Audio Trending Manual Festival, New York Women Composers Festival, Hot air music festival and WCC general assembly to name a few.

Her music has been performed worldwide at various venues including Merkin hall, The national opera center, Austrian cultural forum New York, University of Pittsburgh, Brandeis university, Trinity college, SUNY Buffalo, San Francisco conservatory of music, West Texas A&M University, Stony Brook University, University for music and performing arts in Vienna, Herbert von Karajan Centrum, Alte Schmiede, Art Cult Center of Austria Tabak, National Olympic Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo, Seoul Arts Center, Kumho art hall, and Culture tank in Seoul, by various ensembles and artist such as the Köhne Quartet, Ensemble Ipse, the Krechkovsky-Loucks Duo, Rath Duo, Pro Arte Orchestra, B3M Chamber Ensemble, James Baker, and Er-Gene Kahng among others.

Her recent works spanning the past 5 years have been acutely focused on amplifying self-truth and voicing social justice concerns. Compositions as #MeToo (2018), the other untold story (2019), Percèe (2018) and Collocation (2018) are self-confessional in nature. These four pieces aim to tell her own stories of past breakthroughs and to create safe spaces to share vulnerabilities that connect all as human beings.
As an advocate for social justice, she has collaborated with fellow artists as Amanda Gookin of Forward music project, Parhelion trio, Ensemble Pan and Josh Perry to create the pieces SIDE-BLOW (2021), Red-blue-very white (2019), Break through (2020), and sound of soundless (2016) to address current social crises. She lends her voice through these pieces to encourage those who are marginalized and voiceless to stand up and amplify themselves for their basic human rights.

Besides composing, with great interests in Korean folk  music and dance, Seong Ae recently performed as a member of the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association at Symphony Space in New York City and at the Nanying International Folklore Festival in Taiwan.

She holds a PhD in music composition from Stony Brook University, Mdiv from Drew University and an MA and BA in both composition and conducting from University for music and performing arts in Vienna, Austria (Einstimmige Auszeichnung- unanimous distinction). Her composition teachers include Erich Urbanner, Daniel Weymouth, Perry Goldstein, and Ivan Eröd. Also her conducting teachers include Leopold Hager, Yuji Yuasa, and Günther Theuring.